Webinar 4 Replay – Use case Scenarios & Vendor Analysis

Jul 23, 2020 9:59:51 AM / by Frédéric SANUY

Thanks to all attendees of the 4th Webinar dedicated to Use Case Scenarios and Vendor Analysis along side the customer journey as the clear representation of the business gathering and governance. Feel free to watch again this webinar and all them since the beginning :


If you are a Brand, a Retailer, an agency or a Publisher Business requirements will not be the same outside the fact that your DAM system will be repository of the organization. We will hi light the right way to sort out with these requirements.

Here all the agenda of the 6 webinars from 26th May 2020 to 8th August 2020 at 4pm GMT or 6pm CET. 

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Frédéric SANUY

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Frédéric SANUY

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