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As usual this is the time to get some rest time after tough business weeks for all of you. Every year I like sharing with you some of my best selection of books, white paper and blog. It is very important to take the time reading, learning in order to get the best of customer experience, experts, use cases, technology, trends...

Of course as I'm working in the consultancy digital world I have the pleasure to be in touch with the best of customers, experts, vendors and it is very important to follow all of them in order to provide the best advises to stay at the top of the cutting edge of the technology for my customers.

On my side I'm spending 25% of my time reading books and white papers, watching video, webinars to get the best of the content.

In the #DAM #PIM market 5 main books :

Inform, Transform & Outperform: Digital Content Strategies To Optimize Your Business For Growth

by John Horodyski

John is one of my friend and one of the best adviser regarding #DAM and #Metadata and always great to follow him during the Henry Stewart Events

To survive and thrive in today's digital world, businesses must undergo a fundamental shift
across all aspects of their operations―sometimes called a "digital transformation". In Inform,
Transform, and Outperform,
 John Horodyski and his team of contributors provide compelling,
collective insight into building a tactical foundation to achieve a holistic digital strategy.

Digital and Marketing Asset Management

The Real Story About DAM Technology and Practice by Theresa Regli

Theresa is one of the best DAM expert in this world, author, speaker and working for a diverse array of cultural heritage institutions and over 20% of the Fortune 500. Her book is a milestone of everything you need to know before starting a DAM project.

The Right Way to Select Technology

Get the Real Story on Finding the Best Fit by By Tony Byrne & Jarrod Gingras.

In The Right Way to Select Technology, Tony and Jarrod lay out a straightforward way of selecting technology successfully.

RealStory has provided 13 demo scenarios in order to test during a POC your next #DAM system.

Digital Asset Management

Content Architecture, Project Management and Creating Order Out of Media Chaos by Elizabeth Keatthley

The book is dedicated to providing you with a solid base in the common concerns, both legal and technical, in laughing a complex DAM capable of providing visual search results and workflows options.

The DAM Book 3.0 Digital Asset Management for Photography by Peter Krogh

As a photographer difficult for me to avoid this great one explaining everything from the content creation, retouching and all the metadata you need to support with your collections.

CDO Decoded

The First Wave of Chief Digital Officiers Speaks

Since as I'm an independent hashtag#consultant I have to work more and more with #CDO #chiefdigitalofficer… Of course I had some ideas about the role as more or less doing the job during years on #customers side.

"…The Chief Digital Officer #chiefdigitalofficer is one of the newer titles in the C-suite and also one of the least understood. It’s a role that evokes some sort of corporate magician who, with the help of sophisticated analytics and a lot of other tricks, transforms a company from old and unresponsive to fast-moving and tech-savvy, from analog to digital…"

DYING FOR A PAYCHECK by Jeffrey Pfeffer

by Jeffrey Pfeffer

I discovered this book one month ago and a very interesting analysis of how Management harms employee health and company performance and What we can do about it.

Data Management, Backup and Archive Media Professionals

This is not a new book but I'm using as a reference of workflow management. It offers practical advise, information, and field experience to make better decisions from ingest to archive.

L'intelligence artificielle n'existe pas par Luc Julia

The rare document and incredible journey of a French inventor, who at the age of nine had already built a robot to make his bed and was then one of the two creators of Siri. His goal here is to wring havoc around the stereotypes and fantasies that surround #AI today.

I advise you also to follow my #DAM BLOG that I tried to feel every week with a new article technology wise, or use cases or explaining how to select a #DAM system.

You can find all my articles on PlanetDAM website :

You also have my YouTube Channel with the best of #video report of Henry Stewart events, but also everything about the #DAM #PIM #CMS. Subscribe here : https://www.youtube.com/user/fsanuy/


Regarding white papers I have 2 main I did for DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH 2 years ago :

One is everything about the DAM from content creation to distribution :

My #DAM White Paper to learn everything from the #DAM Market

The other one is about #Packaging where I'm covering all the new challenges for Brands and Packaging, from the business process mapping, the soft proof, and the automation based on Indesign / Easycatalog / PIM. Everything you need to know to streamline your packaging workflow.

Packaging Content Management

Don't miss the opportunity to read the great white paper of Theresa Regli about Creative workflow :

Creative Workflow - Facilitate, don't regulate

And this one from my friend David Lipsey, the best DAM experience of the market :

Brands & the Essential Importance of Digital Asset Management

Of course you can find a lot of interesting blogs and content that you can find on my website.

I wish you very good rest time, stay tuned I'm working on some new amazing content. I will stay available all the summer and ready to tackle your #DAM #PIM #CMS project from consultancy to RFI / RFP.

Best Regards

Frédéric SANUY


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