Photo lifecycle is a chess game, simple to learn but difficult to master at CEPIC 2022

May 21, 2022 11:16:54 PM / by Frédéric SANUY


Activo is new a member of CEPIC (Center of the Picture Industry) since 2021 along side IPTC and our metadata, usage and rights expertise.
After two editions skipped due to the pandemic, the CEPIC Congress resumes in attendance. We are delighted to announce our participation in the event, which will be held this week in Palma de Mallorca from 25 to 27 May 2022. To be sponsor of such event is at the heart of our DNA with customers. It is also important to leverage best practises with DAM systems as the foundation for all vertical markets.

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Of course such event is at the heart of what matters for Photo agencies from the point of capture, managing the assets and archives in DAM systems with the right set of metadata and rights to distribute the right picture at the right moment to the right people.

Conference at CEPIC 2022: “Optimizing the life cycle of photos is a game of chess, simple to learn but difficult to master”.

Francesco Saverio Picciani (Executive Director & co-founder of MomaSoft), Paola Benini (International Sales & Relationship manager of IPA), Malika Kechich and Frédéric Sanuy Co-founder and CEO of Activo and Mathieu Desoubeaux CEO of IMATAG will take part in the conference "Optimizing the life cycle of photos is a game of chess, simple to learn but difficult to master",

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Paola Benini is an international sales and partnership manager at IPA with 15 years of work experience. She has created international connections for the company back in 2008 and still enjoy incrementing new strategic relationships and developing new projects as well as taking care of our key business partners.

After graduation, She spent two years working in London.  She lived in Canada and, before joining IPA, She lived and worked in San Diego, California.

Paola has previously worked as a PA to a Partner at BC Partners, a private equity investment company.

Her goal is to keep improving her abilities in communication, building new successful relationship and to be for her partners a strong point of reference.


The presence at the CEPIC Congress will be an opportunity not only to meet partners and customers, but also to illustrate how the DAM MomaPIX software is able to optimize the management of multimedia content and automate workflow.



Watermarking digital content before distributing it allows to identify the source in case of a leak. This encryption process is recommended for embargoed visuals, sensitive documents, paid content. Photographic Agencies, media and newswires: Applying a digital watermark to photos or video is the only way to certify that images found online were initially sourced by you, even when the metadata has been erased. It is the most reliable way to script automated processes such as invoicing, DMCA, or reporting on content outreach.

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Just this month the leading press agency aims to increase productivity and revenues by systematically detecting the uses of its photos on the Internet and in the press.



“Digital Asset Management is evolving - declares Francesco Saverio Picciani - MomaPIX DAM software allows to automate the workflow and be at the forefront of technology. It will be stimulating to discuss these subjects at CEPIC ".


"DAM system is the solution to master your assets and control their distribution along side the whole life cycle" says Malika Kechich.

"DAM is the unique solution to organise all your digital content in one single source of truth to empower the distribution of assets at the enterprise level" says Frédéric Sanuy.

See you in Palma de Mallorca this week, we will report the event with the best selection of images and video 📸

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