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Review 2022


Like every new year, we take the time to look back at how far we've come in terms of content creation. In the rearview mirror this year, many webinars between sharing customer experiences and insights into the position of DAM in the brand ecosystem, events and conferences that we had the pleasure of hosting and of course the second edition of OnDAM Paris 🇫🇷 which brought together more than 250 people in person and online
Comme tout analyse de KPIs nous avons pris l'ensemble des "likes 👍 " pour vous présenter le meilleur de nos articles 2022. 

1- Retour sur OnDAM Paris 🇫🇷 2022 :
The 2nd edition of OnDAM Paris 2022 🇫🇷 which took place on Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 November 2022 at the Maison d'Alsace was the DAM moment of the year bringing together more than 250 visitors on site and online, around 30 conferences and workshops and with the best solution vendors on the market.

OnDAM Paris 2022  is the 1st #DAM 🇫🇷 conference dedicated to innovation and customer experience.
OnDam Paris 2022 EN Recap


During OnDAM Paris 2022  we went further in setting up a DAM solution at the heart of the company's ecosystem between CRM, PIM, CMS and Marketplace. For the first time, PIM players like InRiver or image service players like Grand Shooting came to present their solutions connected to DAM.

And like last year, OnDAM Paris 2022 is the only conference that brings together all the publishers of DAM solutions on the market in one place and through conferences and common exchanges. Couldn't attend OnDAM Paris 2022 ? Discover our video teaser between meetings, inspiration and sharing OnDAM Paris 2022


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2- All For Content 2022 :
Activo was official sponsor of ALL FOR CONTENT 2022 which took place on May 17-18. This 4th edition of All For Content, a trade show for strategy and brand communication solutions, took place in Paris 15th.

The pleasure of meeting, face-to-face, customers and professionals in the sector, sharing our experiences and our expertise in the digital transformation of companies, in particular around the management and promotion of DAM systems.
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3- First Activo DAM Map :
The right path to take to a DAM system is increasingly coming up against an obstacle course in view of market developments over the past ten years. From some vendors in 2005, we have now hundreds of vendors today in a wide marketing stack.

Webinar DAM EN

Beyond these Magic Quadrants of Gartner or Forester Waves, based on our experience of deployment with customers, our technical expertise and the work of IQ Equity with whom we work, we have carried out a lot of investigative work. The aim was not to focus only on Anglo-Saxon solutions. Mark Davey also unveiled the new DAM Playbook.

It is always a delicate approach regarding to the large market. And our conclusion is that there is not one solution but each customer has its own story whether we are talking about mass distribution, brand management, a marketing communication agency, etc.
4- Packaging trends 2022 :
With the awakening of the collective unconscious, the place of packaging and its impact on the environment are taking center stage, pushing brands to change their approach to their packaging cycle from design to manufacturing. For brands, being eco-responsible and offering packaging with a minimum impact on the environment becomes the strategy.

The packaging solutions market remains a niche one, but with the sandstone of "micro services" and web services (API) the potential of solutions is beginning to expand to precisely cover all the needs of a brand with the best of technologies.

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In about 2 years it is more than 200 footage at your finger  where you will find all of our replays conferences, events and webinars. Over 750,000 views! and more than 2000 subscribers so if you want to be quickly informed of the latest content, subscribe to our channel.

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Once again a big THANK YOU to all of you, for following us on a daily basis. We are working hard to improve the sharing of our experience with you, the one we put into practice with our customers on a daily basis.









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