DAMEU 2019, from content creation to distribution

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As the world's largest conference dedicated to Digital Asset Management, Henry Stewart DAM Europe in London is a unique environment for attendees in Europe to exchange knowledge, share experiences and build long lasting professional networks. Over a hundred speakers across more than sixty sessions cover #metadata, #integration, #AI, automation, #creative operations, corporate archives, #video, #workflow, #rights management, #semantics, #KPI, #governance and more. 

The last #DAMNY 2019 from was a great success driven by new sessions like #DAM Ninja or Clinic focusing on the #DAM journey ( how to select a DAM system, migration and implementation up to the benchmarking).

Look at my #video of #DAMNY 2019 to get an idea of the #DAM community :


The agenda of DAMEU 2019.

In this new edge of the customer experience it is a real challenge for any large organization to make the right selectionin the new omnichannel marketing stack. All the digital content has to be streamlined though all the communication channels. Since the last years most enterprises are working to optimize their marketing and digital experience technology stacks. They are still facing silos and most of them are struggling to provide an immersive customer experience across the touchpoints.

At the end of the day it is all about the #customer #experience. As you know since beginning of the year I’m back on the #customer side writing RFP and following #DAM projects for #brands, #retailers and #agencies. When I see so many #DAM vendors trying to explain the complexity of their system in basic demonstrations outside of the customer journey. The new #DAM dashboard as the home of the brand owner needs to display the right content, clarity in simplicity…the DAM system needs to learn from the usage of the users in a very design way where you can easily drag and drop assets, ingesting metadata, selecting actions to share or distribute the content in just one click. The “Wouah” effect is important because working everyday with the DAM you need to feel confortable and not trying to search or buying glasses to read the metadata ?

It is so important to think about the on-boarding phase starting from the asset creation to the syndication.

Syndication is even more important today, just because it will be always easier to share the DAM assets within a #CMS (Wordpress, Drupal, …) connector. You can browse all your content from the DAM within the connector and simply take your image, without having to go back and forth between the CMS and your file folders. Using smart workflows any stakeholder can approve the content in the DAM to be published on the website. Metadatadoes not only make it easier to find images, but also allows you to keep track of image usage rights in side the CMS. Or if you have photos with specific expiration dates you can set it up and the image will be automatically revoked from the website after that date. You can use the custom metadata to improve your SEO. Metadata plays a crucial role in a web page and directly influences rankings and click-through rates from the search results. You can read the good post from FotoWare Blog.

Finally the PIM…For product information management. I don’t want to see any PIM inside the DAM, 2 difference things. But it is also true that in order to improve e-retail campaigns it is important to get the right information from your product to the store (Amazon, Rakuten,…). It’s a hot topic in B2B and B2C Commerce, and as an industry it is growing at an exponential rate. According to Ventana Research, 50% of product-centric organizations will use a modern dedicated PIM environment to manage product processes and provide high-quality product experiences by 2021. (White Paper from Akeneo).

PIM tools enable you to create a central hub to collaboratively manage all your product information. This radically simplifies the process of creating, maintaining, and using product descriptions and specifications for online and offline product catalogs.

The overlap and differences between PIM, MDM, PLM and DAM systems by @Akeneo :

So let's rock and stamp the vendors to provide you the best #DAM experience ever !

Frédéric SANUY


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