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As the world's largest conference dedicated to Digital Asset Management, Henry Stewart DAM Events are a unique environment for attendees to exchange knowledge, share experiences and build long lasting professional networks. Over a hundred speakers across more than sixty sessions cover metadata, integration, AI, automation, creative operations, corporate archives, video workflow, rights management, semantics, governance and more. 

And at the top of all the events "Creative Operations" is always a unique moment to share and learn how to maximize productivity in the creative process. Of course it is all about use cases on how to leverage #DAM in the organization between all the stakeholders, suppliers, clients. The creative process is at the heart of the event during one day with the best selection of #DAM #consultants with the help of #vendors as sponsors of course. Creative Operations London 2019 is like last year now the first event of the year and it was so good to meet all the community just to start the year on the right way with new challenges for each of us.

As usual I do my wrap up #video to share this amazing time so well organized by Henry Stewart and Dan Luper team. You can subscribe to my Youtube Channel to watch all the events during the last 3 years.


During the event we had fantastic use cases with :

The #creative process is really moving fast today. We are living in a world that doesn't wait as said McCann it has to be faster, better, cheaper. Brands are everywhere, stackholders management is increasing and we have more and more various file formats. Digital is there to change also the life of each one of us, to get better experience to share and push the creativity. We are living in a incredible point of time of our history. It is the done of 21st century Renaissance. A world with Human and machine in a exploding growth of opportunities. This the time to push the boundaries of human ideas, #creativity and #science. Design and Creativity have never been more important. It is available to every single one of us. You can be an activiste who can inspire global actions with the enrichment of social media and the power of just a big idea. We have children with a #camera #phone and access to Youtube who can reach more people than any other media outlet. A photojournalist who can move us by capturing an entire story with just a single image.

The purpose of #DAM vendors is to remove technology barrieres to human creativity and connexions. They have to believe fundamentally that everyone of us has a story to tell in Print, Web, Video. We are entering a new area of art and invention powered by technology. They have want to empower pro like customers to do things never possible before faster more intuitive and with better results. They have to make creativity more accessible and more intuitive. Digital media and delivery and consumptions is exploded on every surface, phone, computer, car dashboard, tv screens and even floating in the space with AR/VR…surrounding us in 3D. Every Story can reach any single surface.

You heard a lot about artificiel Intelligence or AI. It can be scary… AI will be an amplifier and not a substitute for Human creativity. AI can now tackle complicity of today challenges. so you have the freedom to focus on tomorrow possibilities. #Design and #Creativity is all about experience and can impact the #business in every click across all the devices. Experience matters more than ever done before.

It is also important for the vendors to be closer to the customer experience, they have to take benefits of customer experience instead of providing a list of features. During my last keynotes I was showing this video from Steve Jobs 20 years ago which is the complete representation of what vendors have to do every day...


A #DAM system is the first milestone to engage the #transformationdigitale in the organization. Of course #metadata matters because when it comes to content, it’s everything you have. Take the time to read the post of John Horodyski.

At the top of the main requirements a #DAM enterprise has to get :

  • User Experience driven
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Advanced Metadata Set / Custom / #AI
  • Workflow management - a real Business process mapping
  • Advanced KPI/BI to measure the performance of your campaigns.

Before buying a #DAM system take the time to stress the system !! Use demo scenarios to check if it can do the job ! if your stack-holders feel confortable and not seen as one more system in the organization.

Mark Davey CEO & Founder of The Codified DAM Consultant - one of the best #DAM expert in the industry,  made an outstanding job working on more than 30 #DAM scenarios to stress the #DAM system. You can review the webinar I did with him early this year.

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Or use the new #demo #scenarios made by the Real Story Group.

See you in about one month at DAM NYC...within the Creative Operations NYC...THE event that you can't miss, hundreds of the best selection of brands, agencies, corporate , experts...2 amazing days at the top of the emotion and the technology.

You can use my code SANUY100 to save 100$ on your ticket.

I wish also all the best to Theresa Regli one of the best #DAM expert providing stunning keynotes who will speak about #DAM and #creative #workflowsoftware at EURODUOfrom DALIM SOFTWARE in Lisbon (one of the best #marketing #event in the industry), Portugal - March 20 - 22, 2019. #technology #ecosystem #digitalassetmanagement

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Spend the time also to read one of her last White Paper :

Creative Workflow facilitate don’t regulate

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