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This week is driven by creativity starting with the AdobeMax 2019 from Adobe in LA followed by the Henry Stewart DAM Event in San Diego as the West Coast's leading conference dedicated to Digital Asset Management providing the latest thinking and new developments in the world of DAM - all from the user’s perspective and the Spicy talks event from Chili Publish in Berlin the gathering a community of peers, customers, influencers and technical experts to discover the next steps in packaging, commercial print, agency life and brand expertise.

Two years ago Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen was explaining that we entered a new century of Renaissance


"...A world with Human and machine in a exploding growth of opportunities. This the time to push the boundaries of human ideas, creativity and science. Design and Creativity have never been more important. It is available to every single one of us. You can be an activiste who can inspire global actions with the enrichment of social media and the power of just a big idea. We have a child with a camera phone and access to Youtube who can reach more people than any other media outlet. A Photojournalist who can move us by capturing an entire story with just a single image...."

Beyond the marketing is true and the clear representation of what we can see everyday around us from home to work with the mobile device at the heart of the digital transformation. Its gives to everybody a new level of experience removing technology barrieres to human creativity and connexions

EveryOne of us has a story to tell in Print, Web, Video. We have entered a new area of art and invention powered by technology. Adobe during these annual conference want to make creativity more accessible and more intuitive.

Just the day of the welcome introduction of the Max2019 Adobe just released Photoshop for iPad….Yes !!! Or ok but ?

We all viewed the demo of Adobe last October 2018


or during the Apple Keynote in November 2018 in NYC


It is just stunning….great demo with a mix of technology, creativity and technology, the perfect cocktail

Now Photoshop for iPad is available here :

We already had a beta preview in August but now is it really an official release. Photoshop for iPad is promised to allow truly cross-platform projects, where a designer or artist can create and edit native PSD files. I will need some days to push the App along side the desktop App but in facts maybe due to some Max deadline you will need some time to get all the tools ready to work like the desktop.

This first version looks like a big technical demo and an open door on the future possibilities that will offer Photoshop in a more or less close future. Maybe you will need some time to rely on more solide one to do the daily creative job but the foundations seem strong enough. Adobe is working on creating a version of Illustrator that will work with the iPad at some point in 2020.

Photoshop is maybe far from the competition that has not waited like Affinity Photo

Or Pixelmator Pro

But it is more complexe at the end of the day for a company like Adobe to migrate the full complete desktop Photoshop features with nearly 30 years of experience. As I'm always saying competition is good for one reason ! The customer.

Early weeks ago Adobe unveiled a new amazing App Adobe Fresco. Fresco brings together the world’s largest collection of vector and raster brushes, plus revolutionary new Live Brushes, to deliver a completely natural painting and drawing experience.

Augmented reality is more and more a requirement for the creativity community but also the brands in the scope syndication and bringing new immersive experience, but a lack of easy tools for creating AR content has slowed its growth and widespread acceptance. . Adobe thinks the answer is Aero, its new AR authoring tool debuting today on iPads and iPhones.

In the mean time and since I started using CC suite with Photoshop 1 etc… Adobe has always faced the challenge to create technology that helps brings compelling immersive digital experiences into be. For the desktop App during the last years I had to get too many versions from Indesign between CS6 and CC 2019 for may production reasons (even if now with MacOS Catalina CS6 (32bit App) is dead finally.

Adobe has invested a lot in AI with his technology Adobe Sensei to empower his softwares on all devices. I'm used to work and share with Max Dunn CEO of Silicon Publishing a master class company in DAM connectors with the CC suite and providing a native HTML5 online editor of native Indesign file ! I see with them all the value of the technology behind.

Design and Creativity is all about experience and can impact the business in every click across all the devices. Experience matters more than ever done before. But is important not to build stacks of technologies without keeping the customer experience as was explaining Steve Jobs….20 years ago...


Last update, the live Keynote of CEO Shantanu Narayen from  from Adobe from AdobeMAX2019

Frédéric SANUY


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