Content is king !

Apr 19, 2019 10:55:17 AM / by admin

Great new #services (http://smint.io) for all #creative #operations as soon as you want to easily hashtag#search, find and purchase hashtag#image, hashtag#video and other #content types from all major content sources as we saw as for example during the last #creative #operation in London.


I do believe that It should be smart to get a #DAM vendor integration... jsut makes sense instead of collection images, downloading them to inject them again into your #DAM.

Smart idea, smart usage, Avoid license risk, promote compliance

  • Smint.io is Cloud-based and highly available
  • No need to install software
  • Available anytime and everywhere via browser
  • High-security data storage at Azure data centres
  • Flat rate for unlimited number of users

  • Administration of different licensees
  • Central reporting with cost centre allocation
  • Full security, guaranteed data protection
  • Adaptable to the customer’s Corporate Identity
  • SLAs for guaranteed availability of up to 99.50%
  • Fully documented API for system integration

Reinhard Holzner team will be for the first time at #DAMNYC 2019 of Henry Stewart Events booth #3 so say welcome to these guys !



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