APS2020 - AKENEO PIM SUMMIT : The future of PXM

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The Akeneo PIM Summit is the annual celebration of Akeneo customers and partners, where you’ll learn from other leaders in the industry and hear about Akeneo’s vision for PIM — and its role in Product Experience Management (PXM).

This year the event stands at Espace Clacquesin, a historic brewery, and distillery located just outside Paris, France on February 5-6, 2020.

APS 2020 in Paris

It is the first time I visit the event and I will say...Wouah......I can tell you it is always a challenge to gather so many people in a week in France. Something looks like easy for AKENEO thanks to their community and it makes the difference. The organisation is simply at the top, switching from trends, marketing content, product information and use cases. It is clearly an event to check in your agenda, to learn how Product Experience Management (PXM) is reshaping the PIM market — and how to brew up your own product experience! So, whether you’re a CMO, catalog manager, head of eCommerce or an IT project manager, pack up your beer mugs and get ready to enjoy two days of education, insight, networking, discovery, and fun. Here the agenda. Definitely an event to check in your agenda for the future.

Maybe the bests to get in touch is to watch my aftermovie.. Enjoy ! And do not forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you cant to know everything from DAM PIM CMS technology stacks.


It is also a lot of great sponsors and a good selection of the best vendors like Priint, Bynder, Celum, Chili Publish, Productsup that I know. AKENEO made as usual a very good representation of this ecosystem :


Here the slideshow f the best slides from AKENEO and the CEO  Fred de Gombert, John Evans and Matt Rawding.

So great content alongside the customer journey and the omnichannel challenges for brands and retailers they are to engage in every touchpoint from mobile to the store the clients.

 Fred de Gombert explained that omnichannel is not omnipresence which is true an I really like the introduction for the first time of a PIM Maturity Model within six dimensions alongside the PXM journey as we are doing for the DAM, brillant ! One other very good infography from AKENEO is the strategic position of MDM / PIM / CMS. Exactly the clears representation of customer eRetail experience.

The version 4 has just been unveiled at Day 2 of the APS2020 presented by Emilie GielerCamille, Fant, Benjamin GOURAUD, John Evans and you find all the information here.

You can learn more in one of my previous post about PIM and PXM.

Your can also check my last Webinar about DAM and PIM 2020 challenges.

Thanks again to the whole AKENEO organisation ! And my final touch will the COCKTAIL EXPERIENCE video we had thee pleasure to watch during the day.


Feel free to contact us for any DAM PIM CMS project, we have the experience and solutions to maximise your ROI for an immersive customer experience.

Frédéric SANUY

CEO - Activo Consulting


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