Webinar Replay - What is your DAM problem?

May 5, 2021 7:22:45 PM / by Frédéric SANUY

What is your DAM problem?

Thanks to all our attendees last week, we had Mark Davey and myself, some very good time with great questions and feedback alongside your DAM problem. Thanks also to Jennifer Anna (Lead of Global Digital Asset Management at WWF).

Enjoy the Replay NOW 

For the last few years, We have been hearing from many people across the globe struggling with DAM initiatives. Usually, it lacks management buy-in, strategy, resources, data modelling or vendor overpromising and underdelivering. It is time for some open conversations about the real issues and digital asset management advocates' problems. As they say, a problem shared is a problem halved.

Webinar DAM Mark Fred-replay

During these two-hour webinar sessions we had an open house to discuss the many issues people and organisations face with digital asset management strategies, pains, gains, needs and complaints. Looking at the intended and unintended consequences of owning, running and onboarding DAM systems.


Rules for the replay :

Content Behavioural Therapy on demand

- Please watch if you have a DAM problem and need free expert advice.

- Please watch if you have a specific problem you want to discuss.

- Please watch if you want to hear others have a similar situation to you.

- Only watch if you are a vendor who cares about your users.

- Only watch if you are a consultant wanting to help clients.



We are also very delighted Mark and myself to donate to the WWF trillion trees campaign  600$ based on the great questions we had during the webinar. WWF aims to ensure one trillion trees have been re-grown, saved from loss, and better protected around the world by 2050.

The rule was 10$ for each good question, 100$ if we cannot answer. IQ Equity and Activo® also added their own contribution to the great job done by WWF.





Frédéric Sanuy

CEO & Founder ACTIVO®



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