Webinar : The new Video Production Workflow from content creation to Distribution

Apr 18, 2020 12:46:30 AM / by Frédéric SANUY

In the new edge of the digital transformation and analysis of the current video landscape brands, retailers and agencies are looking for how is video content is consumed. Deep drive on DAM and web collaborative platform shows that they are trying to shape and meet the needs of consumers based on technology innovations. In this new media orchestration it is a real challenge for DAM systems to manage video production workflow.

Video Lanscape :


Consumers have aa growing variety of content to choose from endless ways to discover and consume what matters most to them. Platform, device, location, time of the day, it is all up to consumer to customise their personal content experience and create their own moments of content consumption throughout the day. BrandUnit (a multi-disciplined creative team within Google that partners with brands and agencies to exploit the creative marketing potential of YouTube and Google) made last year during Henry Stewart DAM NY 2019 a great presentation to explain

To reach consumer, Brands have to integrate a strong video workflow inside their DAM systems.

Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2016–2021

In today’s online video landscape, video consumption has become, amorphousflexiblecontextual… served up on-the-go for a mobile-centric audience who demands content when they want it and how they want it.

For brands, a traditional approach “its a roll of dice” that leads to second guessing and an inability to pivot. But they need to reach as many customers as possible with aa single message through mass media channels like TV, Radio and WEB with the best ROI.

In this webinar I will with Muriel Le Bellac CEO of Videomenthe highlight the new video Production Workflow and see how Videomenthe platform is ready to stamp these challenges alongside DAM to share and distribute the content :

Planning : Align on media strategy snd plan the content for efficient production
Shoot : Outtakes footage can be prime assets in order to cast a wide net
Edit : Build shorter stories from the ground up with online tools
Experiment : Use new media strategies and formats
Distribute : Tweak your creative processes and share across the communication channels

I have a long experience with video workflow and most of the DAM system I know are very weak, as soon you have to manage To of video footage everything is slowing down without advanced workflow or metadata capabilities. Of course you have some of them in the market doing well like OpenText based on Imagine Communication tools set but it costs a fortune or at least Imagen which is doing a good job. Frame.io is also on the stage providing a cloud-based collaboration platform.

But Videomenthe is maybe one of the best technology compromise in the market easy to integrate in any DAM solution with the best ROI. Muriel Le Bellac is a very smart person with a very strong video background and skills. Just check their references. You can customize video production workflows with transcoding, quality control, AI, Speech-to-Text, Online Editor and a bunch of connectors thanks to their partners.

Eolementhe : The Collaborative Media Tool Box

Eolementhe© offers into a very easy-to-use single interface, multi-providers tools to cover several media workflows.

Eolementhe© is a file-based solution allowing creation of automated workflows and offering a great flexibility to its users. Eolementhe© combines automated processes and manual interventions when it’s necessary. 

Eolementhe© has been designed using the Videomenthe’s expertise as a Value Added Reseller of file-based media processing solutions.

Advanced Video Editor in Eolementhe© with cuts, Subtitles and Speech to Text

As brands transform their approach to meet the opportunity, video production workflowscan no longer be linear. To be successful with your video production an understanding and media format orchestration is essential to successful video storytelling.

In this webinar we will talk to customers but also vendors to be smart regarding the technology that you can add within your DAM system. The webinar will be in English and a few days after you will be able to watch the recording with live French subtitles using Eolementhe©.

Let’s register on Tuesday 28th April 4pm CEST to learn and share about video production.


Frédéric SANUY

CEO – ACTIVO Consulting

Frédéric SANUY

Written by Frédéric SANUY

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