DAM Christmas Panel - 2021 and beyond

Dec 7, 2020 2:06:13 PM / by Frédéric SANUY



After an unusual year 2020 in this COVID19 pandemic made of crises but also opportunities especially alongside the digital transformation of all organisation  the new normal will reshape the digital edge of customers.

Something we can say is that the adoption of DAM systems has never been so huge. DAM is the fondation to organise and drive assets in all the enterprise from PIM, CMS, CRM. The new "Normal" business wise will definitely change for all customers. What ever your vertical market; images, videos and metadata are driving the customer engagement.


Retail & Brands: the Importance of Digital Customer Experience (NUXEO)



What's next ? Can we use this experience of 2020 to get new statements for 2021 ? How to be successful in new edge of customer experience ?


Today TIME's new cover: 2020 tested us beyond measure. Where we go after this awful year



Reason why we are happy to organise with Mark Davey from IQ Equity Ltd a new approach to talk and share about DAM experiences.


On Tuesday 15th 6pm CET you will have the opportunity during a new Webinar to stamp a panel of 4 DAM experts with at least 20 years of experience, who had to manage this year  different types of projects from photography, retail, luxury brand, pharma etc... they will explore how the pandemic has impacted the workplace, innovative new technologies, customer experience trends, and preparing for a hybrid workforce.

The best questions will have some surprises as a Xmas Gift !! Mark Davey will moderate this DAM Christmas WebinarParty. If you have any questions regarding your DAM solution, or you need some consultancy about your workflow this is the time !!



Mark Davey

Mark Davey

Founder of The Codified Consultant

IQ Equity is a consultancy offering full-service data-centric digital content strategies for organisations struggling with complex workflows and omnichannel deliverables. Digital Transformation strategies utilising best practices and experience driven enablement.
Malika Kechich is a strong leader in the DAM space since the last 25 years, Co Founder of Orphea a DAM solution. Now she provides consultancy to luxury brands, presse and photo agencies by Activo Consulting. Malika


DAM Expert Activo Consulting


Frédéric SANUY

CEO of Activo Consulting

Frédéric Sanuy is well know figure in the DAM space. After nearly 20 years on the customer side, he created Activo Consulting 2 years ago to help brands, retailers, agencies to select the right marketing stack. He is also the DAM product owner by Michelin.
Peter Krogh is a well know DAM Guru, author of the DAM Book 3.0, Chief Product Owner of Tandem Vault, he has a deep knowledge of the photography workflow from capture to distribution. Peter
Peter Krogh - DAM Expert (DAM Book 3.0) & CPO of Tandem Vault

Timo Faber

DAM Expert

Timo Faber is a well know also in the DAM space spending nearly 20 years by Northplain and now starting a new venture DAMPioneers to develop and implement a successful strategy for the digital transformation of marketing and media workflows. 




We will also have the opportunity to announce some exciting news for 2021.register

Frédéric SANUY

CEO – ACTIVO Consulting




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Frédéric SANUY

Written by Frédéric SANUY

I'm a 25-year expert of the information technology industry, with Digital Asset Management (DAM), Product Information Management (PIM) and Content Management System (CMS). I advise customers, technology project leader on digital strategy, technology business cases, and vendors. Specialties: Digital asset management (DAM), E-learning and xml-based workflows, content management (ECMS), distributed (global) workflows, category, taxonomy and controlled vocabulary development, editorial and media workflows, continuous improvement, change management, value-chain management, mentoring & coaching, application development and deployment.